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christkindlmarket christkindlmarket christkindlmarketchristkindlmarket christkindlmarketchristkindlmarket christkindlmarket christkindlmarket

Our Claudia Hambleton again braved the elements and brought a class of German language students from Saline, Michigan to Chicago for Christkindlmarket, as well as tours of the Museum of Science & Industry and the new Maggie Daley ice rink! A good time was had by all…and everyone made it back on the bus! She assures us all the gluwein consumed was strictly non-alcoholic!

Autoshow Charity Preview 2015

Autoshow Charity Autoshow Charity

GMTA recently attended the AUTOSHOW CHARITY PREVIEW on Friday, Jan 16, 2015.
As a company heavily involved in the automotive industry, GMTA is proud to support the various Detroit childrens’ charities benefiting from this event.


christkindlmarket christkindlmarket christkindlmarketchristkindlmarket christkindlmarketchristkindlmarket christkindlmarket christkindlmarket

GMTA hosted a field trip for the students in the German Clubs at two local schools to the famous Kristkindlmarkt at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago. The festival is a recreation of the classic German street markets set up for the Christmas season, featuring artisans and craftsmen selling their wares, plus music, food and drink for the season, including gluhwein! The students and their leaders had a good time. Froeliche Weihnachten…that’s Merry Christmas in German. Leading the event for GMTA was the corporate treasurer, Claudia Hambleton. A good time and much gemütlichkeit were had by all!

German American Chamber of Commerce Fall Dinner

Claudia Hambleton received her MBA

GMTA recently sponsored Eastern Michigan University’s German American Day, held for the 10th year at EMU’s Student Center for the dual purpose of cultural heritage celebration and business recruitment. This year’s event happened on October 6. GMTA has an ongoing relationship with EMU, supporting various degree programs in the graduate and business schools to help prepare students enter careers with enhanced technical and language skills.

Claudia Hambleton Receives MBA

Claudia Hambleton received her MBA

GMTA proudly announces Claudia Hambleton, corporate treasurer and administrative manager, received her MBA from Eastern Michigan University (EMU) on April 27, 2014. Claudia has been a GMTA associate since the company opened its doors in January, 1991. As Claudia notes, “I am very grateful to GMTA for supporting my efforts to acquire an MBA. I look forward to using my new skills to further enhance the business at our company. It was also very rewarding to network with the business school students and staff at EMU, where GMTA now has a working relationship with their German business development track.” GMTA routinely hosts a program in German for students in the EMU business school who plan to work for or with German companies as a career path.

"Next Generation Award"

Scott Knoy receiving the AGMA Next Generation award

German Machine Tools of America (GMTA, formerly American Wera) proudly announces the winning of the prestigious Next Generation award from the American Gear Manufacturers Association by its vice president Scott Knoy. The award was presented at the association’s recent annual meeting on April 11, 2014 at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Next Generation award, in the words of the AGMA Awards Committee, “honors individuals who, while early in their career, are emerging as contributors, innovators and/or leaders in the gear industry and who serve as role models for others in the next generation of the gear industry.” Knoy has been active in service to the gear industry for 20 years, serving first for 11 years with major machine tool supplier Gleason and now in his ninth year with GMTA, where he oversees the sales, strategic planning, project management and marketing efforts for this major supplier of machinery to the gear, powertrain and other industries. In addition, along with company president Walter Friedrich, he spearheads the ongoing effort at GMTA to educate and nurture the next generation of leaders in the gear industry, an endeavor to which the company has a great commitment. GMTA supports local schools in their tech training and also Eastern Michigan University in its unique “business in a second language” program.

According to the AGMA website recap of the event, “Scott Knoy grew up in the industry with his father, Jerry Knoy, working at the Gleason Corporation and followed in his father's footsetps, joining Gleason Cutting Tools. Scott began his career with Gleason as a regional sales manager, where he was the key contact for clients such as TRW, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Dana Corporation, Parker-Hannifin and General Electric. Following his time at Gleason, Scott joined German Machine Tools of America (then American Wera), where he now serves as GMTA Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is active with the AGMA Strategic Resources Network and has been attending the Annual Meeting, Gear Expo and other AGMA activities for many years.”

Autoshow Charity Preview

GMTA recently attended the AUTOSHOW CHARITY PREVIEW on Friday, Jan 14, 2014.
As a company heavily involved in the automotive industry, GMTA is proud to support the various Detroit childrens’ charities benefiting from this event. See the video below for a recap of the event.

Customer service manager, Doug VanDeven, trying out the Porsche 918 spider ($960,000)

Frankenmuth Trip

GMTA recently sponsored a learning day for local area school children, including all 7th graders from the Saline, Michigan schools who are currently studying German.  The group visited Frankenmuth, Michigan, which bills itself as “the American town with a German Bavarian heritage.”   The group visited the historical museum and enjoyed an array of fun activities.  Frankenmuth is also home to America’s premier Christmas store! 

frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth frankenmuth

Trip Schedule

8:00 - Students meet at Front Entrance to get on the bus.
8:05 - Buses depart for Bronner’s Christmas Store
9:45 - Arrive at Bronner’s
Scavenger Hunt in Bronner’s Store & around Silent Night Chapel
11:15 - Board buses
11:30 - Arrive at Bavarian Inn-Pretzel making Class
12:00 - Glockenspiel
12:15-1:15 - Lunch-Schnitzelbank Song und Alpenhorn Lesson
1:45 - Group 1: Craft Project at Frankenmuth Historical Museum
Group 2: Tour of Frankenmuth Historical Museum
2:15 - Group 1: Tour of Frankenmuth Historical Museum
Group 2: Craft Project at Frankenmuth Historical Museum
3:00 - Board busses back to Saline
4:30-4:45 - Arrive @ Saline Middle School
Students are picked up at Front entrance of SMS


Annual Fall Dinner for GACCMI

GMTA recently became members of the Michigan Chapter of the German American Chamber of Commerce and attended their annual fall dinner.

AHK Logo

The program included:

Guest Speaker: Sheryl Connelly
Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager
Ford Motor Company
Sheryl Connelly
“How to Think Like a Futurist”

Trying to anticipate what the future holds is a mandate for all companies – big and small. But what if you are not born with the gift of foresight; you do not have a crystal ball; or are unable to read Tarot cards? What is a business person to do? Sheryl Connelly’s job is to help Ford better anticipate the unknown. In this session she will share practical tips on how to think like a Futurist and make your organization better prepared for the future.

“The German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest welcomes Ford Motor Company’s Sheryl Connelly. Planning for a dynamic business environment is critical to a company's success. We are looking forward to Sheryl’s insight and that of other attendees from the automotive industry and beyond.” - Dr. Walter Maisel, CEO & president, Kostal of America, Inc. and President & Chairman, GACC Midwest-Michigan.

“I am looking forward to a memorable evening with the GACC members and friends and, I’m delighted to that Ford’s own, Sheryl Connelly, will share her vision of how to expect the unexpected. Her counsel has been invaluable for guiding the way Ford views future consumer trends.” – Birgit Behrendt, Vice President, Global Programs & Purchasing Operations, Ford Motor Company and member GACC Midwest-Michigan Board of Directors.

German American Chamber Merlin Awards Gala
May 3, 2013

A mainstay in the American Midwest's German-American business community since 2001, the MERLIN Awards Gala is the highlight of the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest's 50th anniversary year. GACCoM celebrated 50 years of service with the transatlantic business community, this year's Gala followed the inaugural Transatlantic Business Conference with a memorable evening celebrating excellence in German-American business. The evening's events culminated in the presentation of their prestigious MERLIN Awards honoring outstanding German-American businesses in different categories.

merlin galamerlin galamerlin gala

AGMA Annual Meeting
April 2, 2013


Employees from GMTA attended the AGMA annual meeting.

Some highlights included:

Strategic Resource Network dinner Thursday night at Vigilucci’s co-hosted by GMTA.
(Scott is a member of The Strategic Resources Network (SRN). This “is a group of up and coming professionals who are employed in the AGMA member companies. The goal of the SRN is to perpetuate long term viability of the industry and grow as future leaders of the association. The SRN has become an active forum for the young professionals. It gives them the opportunity and knowledge to become proficient leaders within the industry and association.” From the website)

Jim Abbott – professional baseball player (from Flint, MI)
Jim spoke about “Overcoming Adversity”.

Visit to USMC Air Station Miramar – Speaker Col. John Farman USMC Commanding Officer
Attendees got a tour of the United States Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, California. The trip included the opportunity to visit the actual flight line at Miramar, former home to the military’s elite Top Gun school; one on- one interaction with active duty pilots; and dinner with the pilots on the base. The evening concluded with a special speaker, Col. John P. Farman, USMC, the Commanding Officer from Miramar. Miramar is the only functioning Marine Corps Air Station in the world that permits group visits in this manner.

IMTS Recap
September 10-15, 2012

Please click on the IMTS logo below to see the full recap.

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